Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Until You Electrocute Everyone

Until You Electrocute Everyone, my published book of poetry, is still for sale! Get it while it's hot, and at a meager $8, this deal is smoking. I mean, smoking hot. Smoking like a juvenile delinquent at a rail yard. Smoking like Michael Jackson's hair when it caught on fire that one time. Smoking like something else that smokes a whole lot. This book is available for purchase through the wonderful folks at Book People, or contact me directly right here: Yes! I want to purchase said item from you, Deva!


  1. I love this book of poetry so much. Everyone needs a copy. Two copies. Wait, at least four... because you will want to share it but you won't want to part with your copy.

  2. Your book, like you, is pretty damn awesome.